UN National Planners Course


This course is tailor made for National planners of member states who are responsible for planning, selection, organising, training and maintenance of national contingents which are deployed for peacekeeping missions.

UN Planners Course

Who can Apply

Member states can apply via their Permanent Mission in New York or via their embassy based in New Delhi. Authorized peacekeeping centres of member states or international organizations can also apply on behalf of their governments. The course is strictly for training of peacekeeping personnel only.


The course is of one week duration.

Structure of the course

The aim of this training programme is to provide existing, new and potential TCCs with updated information and good practice on negotiation, planning, generation, preparation, deployment, maintenance and rotation of contingents for UN peacekeeping operations. In addition, this training programme would establish a common understanding to support the advice provided to MS during Mobile Training Teams (MTT) activities, Assessment and Advisory Visits (AAV) and briefing to MS at the HQ. It is also expected that this initiative will promote more multilateral cooperation and sharing of information among experienced TCCs and emerging or new contributors.

Module A: Peacekeeping Operations Overview

  • Peacekeeping facts and figures
  • The UN charter
  • Traditional principles of peacekeeping
  • Other success factors
  • Models of UN Missions
  • The evolution of peacekeeping

Module B: Preparing Contingents for Operations

  • COE aspects
  • Planning cycle
  • Training of contingents
  • Conduct of Assessment and Advisory Visits
  • Pre-deployment visits to mission area

Module C: Post deployment Support and Activities 


Course Fees

(a)       Instructional Fees  : $10,000/-

(b)        Boarding, Lodging, food and air tickets (economy class) for a team of 4 members will be arranged by member state / sponsoring institute.


Admissions                  :         directorraahgeerindia@gmail.com

Other queries               :         managerraahgeerindia@gmail.com