UN Military Police STM Course

Module 1: Conceptual Framework

1. Employment Concept for the UN Military Police

  • Mandate and role of the UN Military Police
  • Force Provost Marshal
  • UN Military Police Principles and Core Functions

2. Employment with UN

  • Prioritized and coordinated operations
  • Employment in the field
  • Coordination with other police and civilian law enforcement entities
  • MP professional ethos
  • Legal authority

3. Support for the UN Military Police (MP)

  • Self-sustainment requirements
  • Medical and MEDEVAC/CASEVAC Support.
  • UN HQ and MSS support to MP

Module 2 : Legal Framework

  • Gain an overview of the relevant legal concepts and norms as they apply to POC
  • Familiarize with the core contents of the relevant legal concepts and norms
  • Understand peacekeeper’s authorities and obligations

Module 3: Operation Framework

1. Capabilities and tasks

  • Core capabilities:
    • Mobility Support Operations
    • Security Operations
    • Detention Operations
    • Military Police Operations
  • Core tasks

2. Organization and Equipment of the UN Military Police

  • Structure of UN MP unit
    Command & control structure
  • MP Equipment

3. Functioning

  • Military Law and Order Enforcement
  • Investigations
  • Confinement Operations
  • Customs Activities

4. Mission Protection of Civilians Operations

  • Documents for POC operations
  • Core elements of POC mission strategy
  • Guidelines for military components
  • Four Phases of POC response
  • Tactical decision making process for POC
  • Special considerations for CRSV and CP

Duration        :           One week

Cost               :           $10,000/- only


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UN Military Police STM Course