UN and India

United Nations (UN) has 193 member states with millions of people working in various UN missions worldwide including UN programs and agencies. The reach of UN is across the globe and touches all aspects of humanity from education, poverty alleviation, social welfare, women empowerment, equality to peace and security.

While UN is working across all regions, its reach in some of most populous hotspots like India is limited. Other than Indian Defence Forces, common youth and populace of this country is largely unaware of the work and opportunities in the UN.

India International Institute of United Nations Jobs & Studies (IIIUNJAS) has been created with the purpose of creating awareness about UN values, work ethics and job opportunities for common men and women. The institute will also provide tailor made courses for people desirous of availing jobs opportunities in UN along with full guidance on the procedure and core competencies required.

Member States primarily from Asia and Africa do a yeomen service by proving peacekeeping troops for various UN missions. It has however been reported in various UN reports that the Pre-deployment training (PDT) of the troops inducting in UN missions is not as per the desired standards. IIIUNJAS with its team of ex-experts from Integrated Training Service of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and ex-UN qualified Indian Army officers, aims to bridge this gap by providing basic PDT modules for the member states and also specialized training like Staff Officers Course.

The overall aim of the institute is to bridge the yawning gap between the competencies required and those available across the globe for service in the UN and thus serve the humanity.